What Makes Flush Door Score Heavily Over Regular Ones  



There are a large number of doors out there, having different styles and functionalities hinging upon the place or location inside a structure where they have to be installed. For instance:


  • French doors- well known typically for leading outside to balconies.
  • Panel doors – often installed at frontal entrances.
  • Sliding doors – typically installed as back doors to yards and patios.


As far as the interior of a particular structure is concerned, everyone wants stylish, fancy and lightweight doors which are a breeze to operate. This is exactly where flush doors come into play with their unique properties and characteristics.


The best flush doors in India do full justice to their name being indeed flush. They are engineered and processed to come out as fully smooth and aptly finished products. Being unbeatably awesome in appearance, they find applications mainly in indoor regions of a home or commercial establishment.


Just because you are opting for flush door never means your choices are of limited nature in terms of woods or the construction materials. Flush doors are available in a large number of wood species. Fine hardwood veneers are utilized to produce flush doors, and these veneers covering the core can strategically be fashioned in the following 3 ways-


  1. Stave core
  2. Particle core
  3. Hollow-core.

Some salient advantages of flush doors include the following:

There are a large number of benefits of flush doors over other regular door variants. Given below are the qualities that make them different as well as superior from regular doors variants:

  • Flush doors are dimensionally stable and resistant to borer and termites.
  • They offer incredible durability and are 100% boiling waterproof.
  • They are stiff, have high strength, and impact resistant.
  • Flush doors are decay proof as they are chemically treated to combat all types of living and non-living elements.
  • They are manufactured under stringent quality control for perfection in specified tests like glue adhesion, edge loading, impact resistance, knife, flexure, and screw withdrawal holding.
  • They are hot pressed with extra thick ‘A’ quality face veneers.
  • They have a lock area on both sides so that installation can be done with ease.
  • If needed, user can get customized flush doors exactly as per their requirements and preferences.
  • Just contrary to regular doors, high-quality flush doors don’t show any tendency of warpingwith time.

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