Useful Tips on How to Get A US Visa Online

Any person who wants to enter the US should first obtain a visa. There are certain categories of people who are exempted from this requirement. A person intending to travel to the US should apply for an US visa well in advance to avoid any delay in the processing.

US visas
US visas are of two basic types – immigrant and non-immigrant visa. The first is for those who want to move to the US and settle down there on a permanent basis. The latter is for people who come to the US on business trips, professional conferences, medical treatments, sports, pleasure trips and many more only for a temporary period of time. People should first determine the purpose of their visit and choose the most appropriate visa.

How to apply for a US visa?
The visa application should be completed and submitted at the US consulate at the applicant’s country of origin. The applicant will be called for a personal interview if his/her application gets cleared. Once the applicant clears the interview, then the visa will be processed and given to that person. Getting a US visa does not imply that the applicant can enter the US, but makes him/her eligible to request permission to enter the US. Filing the visa application is person is one of the available options for submitting. The other option is applying online. Schengen Visa

Applying online
For online application of US visa, the DS- 160 forms should be used (for non-immigrant visas) and DS-260 form (for immigrant visas). It is used to collect all the necessary information from the applicant. The online application should be submitted to the US Department of State website. Submitting it online is the first step in the US visa application process. After filing the applicant should contact the nearest US consulate to confirm whether they require a personal interview.

Form DS-160
This is only for applicants who are entering the US on a temporary basis. Applicants wanting a K-visa cannot use this form but go in for DS-156. The DS-160 can be accessed by visiting the Consular Electronic Application Center website. For successful submission of visa application, you should Complete the application, Take a print out of the DS-160 bar code page – not necessary to take a full printout of the application, Contact the nearest US embassy to get further instructions, Schedule an appointment for personal interview and Pay in the US visa application processing fee.

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